The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.
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A note from Diane Lachance, CZT: Zentangle is a simple and easy key to unlocking the door to creativity for people who may have closed that door for a variety of reasons. By learning Zentangle, students can gain basic drawing skills as well as the confidence needed to be successful in many art forms.
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Challenge #146 Peanuckle and Well

Here is my adventure with "" Challenge #146
Peanuckle and Well

As I tell my students, it isn't about drawing patterns they way they are designed, it is about the journey that any pattern can take you on.  
Drawing the pattern as it is designed is fun, but going to an unknown destination is an adventure!


  1. Both are beautiful, especially the second one. I like Tipple as a border and the movement in it.

  2. Great way to combine them! Both tiles are beautiful and I love the shading/highlighting on the second one.

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  4. Both are beautiful! I can´t decide for a favorite! I like your coloring!

  5. Both tiles are lovely and I think I the second tile is my favourite because the border of tipple has set it off.

  6. That second one is practically DANCING - love it!